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If you clicked on the info icon or the "Stats / Notes / Bio" link, you've reached this page which contains notes, memories, trivia and more about Jim  Mason.  If you have anything to add to this player's information, an interesting bit of trivia or a personal memory or story about Jim, please feel free to share it with us by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include your name and town.

Facts, Trivia, Memories and More about Jim Mason

Memories: Submitted by and anonymous user when submitting a guess to the "mystery photo": When Billy [Martin]took over the Yanks from Bill Virdon [in 1975], [Jim] Mason hit a double in Baltimore. I was in the LCF bleachers so I could l look into the Yankee 1st base dugout. Well, with 2 out, Jim hits a double. After he pulls into 2nd he's all happy talking to [Mark] Belanger [Baltimore's shortstop] and [Bobby] Grich [Baltimore's second baseman.] Before the next pitch he gets picked off with Belanger cutting in behind himand the throw from Wayne Garland. It was the 3rd out andI could see Billy in the dugout get Mason's glove and hat and throw themdown the dugout runway. Billy made Mason come into the dugout to pick up his stuff to go back out on the field. He didn't make it as Billy chewed him out BIG TIME! Fred Stanley then went in to play shortstop.

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