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If you clicked on the info icon or the "Stats / Notes / Bio" link, you've reached this page which contains notes, memories, trivia and more about Don  Mattingly.  If you have anything to add to this player's information, an interesting bit of trivia or a personal memory or story about Don, please feel free to share it with us by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Be sure to include your name and town.

Facts, Trivia, Memories and More about Don Mattingly


September 20, 1984: Don goes 4-for-5 on the last day of the season to pull ahead of teammate Dave Winfield and capture the American League batting title.  Don's 4 hit day raised his average from .339 going in to the game to .343 at the end of the day.  Winfield entered, leading the league with a .341 clip, but his 1-for-4 performance dropped him to .340 and runner-up status.  For the record, Boston's Wade Boggs finished a distant third with a .325 average.  Donnie would also lead the league in hits with 207 and doubles with 44 and finished fifth in MVP voting.

July 18, 1987: Don smacks a home run off the Rangers' Jose Guzman to lead off the top of the 4th inning. The home run ties Dale Long (1956) for the most consective games hitting a home run with eight. During the eight game streak, Don hit .459 with 10 HR and 21 RBI a slugging percentage of 1.324 and an OPS of 1.812.  Don was shut down in his 9th game by Texas pitchers Greg Harris and Jeff Russell.  In 1993, the Mariners' Ken Griffey, Jr. also tied the record with 8 HR in 8 consecutive games.

September 29, 1987: Don smacks his sixth grand slam home run of the season off Boston's Bruce Hurst in the bottom of the third.  The sixth granny sets a Major League record for most grand slams by a player in one season.  The six grand slams were the only grand slams Don hit in his entire Major League career.  In 2006, Travis Hafner of the Cleveland Indians would also hit six grand slams in one season to tie the record.


Don Mattingly's Consecutive Game With a HR Streak
HR Date Off Pitcher Against Inning RBI Where
1 7/8/1987 Mike Smithson Minnesota Twins 1st 3 Yankee Stadium
2 7/8/1987 Juan Berenguer Minnesota Twins 6th 1 Yankee Stadium
3 7/9/1987 Rich Dotson Chicago White Sox 6th 1 Yankee Stadium
4 7/10/1987 Joel McKeon Chicago White Sox 2nd 4 Yankee Stadium
5 7/11/1987 Jose DeLeon Chicago White Sox 3rd 1 Yankee Stadium
6 7/12/1987 Jim Winn Chicago White Sox 7th 1 Yankee Stadium
7 7/16/1987 Charlie Hough Texas Rangers 2nd 4 Arlington Stadium
8 7/16/1987 Mitch Williams Texas Rangers 8th 2 Arlington Stadium
9 7/17/1987 Paul Kilgus Texas Rangers 6th 1 Arlington Stadium
10 7/18/1987 Jose Guzman Texas Rangers 4th 1 Arlington Stadium
Don Mattingly's Record Six Grand Slams in 1987
HR Date Off Pitcher Against Inning Final Score Where
1 5/14/1987 Mike Mason Texas Rangers 4th W: 9-1 Yankee Stadium
2 6/29/1987 John Cerutti Toronto Blue Jays 2nd W: 15-14 Exhibition Stadium
3 7/10/1987 Joel McKeon Chicago White Sox 2nd W: 9-5 Yankee Stadium
4 7/16/1987 Charlie Hough Texas Rangers 2nd W: 12-3 Arlington Stadium
5 9/25/1987 Jose Mesa Baltimore Orioles 2nd W: 8-4 Memorial Stadium
6 9/29/1987 Bruce Hurst Boston Red Sox 3rd W: 6-0 Yankee Stadium


Tom from Suwanee, GA wrote: "I used to travel to Evansville, Indiana frequently from about 1988 - 1990. Whenever I traveled to Evansville, I would try to eat at least one dinner at Mattingly's 23, the restaurant owned by Don Mattingly. One cold, January evening (probably in 1988) Don was actually in the restaurant waiting on tables with his wife. (I believe her name is Kim, but not sure they are still married). Don was very friendly, acted just like a regular guy, and signed autographs for the group I was with. I was never a Yankee fan, but I always cheered for Mattingly and I would also stop what I was doing when he came up to bat, if the game was on TV. I wish he could have earned a World Series ring."

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