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One of the Yes Network's most aired shows are their Yankee Classics.  Generally, during the regular season on off days and mornings before a game when there was none the day before, you can catch the Yankees Classics.  Then they fill up a lot of the schedule with them during the off-season.  As a Yankee fan, I think it's a great idea, although the ranking of some games as "Classics" can sometimes be questions.

Well, this is an attempt to log as many of the Yankee Classics that have been shown including some commentary and rankings on whether they really are classics or...not so much.

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World Series vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Game Six : Reggie Powers Yankees to WS Title
Tuesday, October 18, 1977
Final Score: 8-4
Yankee Classic Rating (1 low to 10 high): 7
This is the game that turned Reggie Jackson into "Mr. October." Much maligned during the season, Reggie validated George Steinbrenner's insistence on acquiring him over Billy Martin's choice of Joe Rudi.  After a slow start in the series, Reggie turned it on with five home runs in the last three games, including a show stopping three in the clincher, off three different pitchers, all on the first pitch he saw in that at-bat.  Oh...and the Yankees also took home their 22nd World Championship and first since 1962.

One interesting note is the utter bedlam at the end of the game, symbolic of sports and New York in general in the 1970s.  Reggie actually had to put on a helmet in rightfield halfway through the bottom of the ninth as fans rained debris down upon him from the stands.  Also, you can see fans hanging over the walls surrounding the field, ready to pounce upon the final out.  Actually, some couldn't wait that long.  Then, when the Yankees finally clinch it, the on-field celebration is virtually nil as they had to rush off quickly due to the stream of overjoyed Yankee fans spilling onto the field to join in the moment.

The whole scene is quite the contrast to the well behaved fans of today.  Think of 1996.  A longer drought between championships, yet the fans all stayed in the stands to celebrate, allowing the Yankees to bask in the glow of the fans and truly make it a moment to remember for everyone.  Had there been a repeat of the 1977 chaos, we would never have had that memorable moment where Wade Boggs rides the horse around the warning track in a victory lap.  There wouldn't have been that memorable pile up on the mound.  No.  More likely, the scene would be Charlie Hayes gloving that Mark Lemke pop-up, then running for his life across the field to escape the onslaught of crazed fans.

There's a certain charm to the grimy, disorderly New York of the 1970s.  It's part of what makes The French Connection such a great movie.  But, it's just a lot safer to see the fans celebrate within their own bounds while enjoying watching their team celebrate on the field.

But I digress.  It's still fun to watch and since no one seemed to get hurt (as far as we know) it's actually a little comedic and a nice piece of nostalgia.
Disclaimer: This site is in no way affiliated with the New York Yankees or YES Network in any manner. This is strictly and completely a fan created website.