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Trivia - Only a couple right now, but check back as I'll be adding more.

Quizzes powered by

  • All-time Offensive Leaders WITHOUT Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle and Jeter.:  Name the all-time offensive leaders in nine categories when Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle and Jeter are removed. Whenever you do a Yankee quiz, those are the first five guys any Yankee fan will name.  Let's see how you can do without that luxury.
  • Opening Day Starting Pitcher Match-Ups:  Name the Starting Pitching Match-Ups for Yankees Opening Day games since 1913. These are the FIRST game of the year...not the home openers. These are the pitchers that got the ball for game number one. If you get over 60%, you've done well. There are a lot of obscure names in there. Why 1913 by the way? I couldn't find records of the match-ups prior to that season.
  • Top 10 Yankee Batting Average Leaders by Decade:  Name the Yankees who had the 10 best batting averages in pinstripes for each decade (minimum 500 ABs) since the beginning of the franchise in 1903. Not as easy as you think.
  • Yankee Winning Pitchers in Postseason:  Pretty simple...name as many pitchers as you can who have won a postseason game for the New York Yankees.
  • James P. Dawson Award Winners:  Take 10 minutes to name as many outstanding Yankees rookies in Spring Training since the inception of the award in 1956.

Other Quizzes:

  • James P. Dawson Award Winners:  The NON-SPORCLE version.  The Dawson Award is presented to the most outstanding Yankees rookie in Spring Training.  Try and guess some of these past winners.
  • Yankees who wore #17: We'll give you the bio, you name the player who wore #17 at some point during their time in pinstripes.
  • Before They Were Yankees: Try out this quiz based on players who enjoyed the best moments in their career before they donned the Yankee Pinstripes.
  • Yankees who wore #27: We'll give you the bio, you name the player who wore #27 at some point during their time in pinstripes.
  • Who was on the mound?: We'll give you the situation, you name the pitcher.
  • Doc Gooden's No-Hitter: A game that holds a special game in my heart to this day since I was in attendance.  So, I figured why not create a short quiz based on that game.

Not really a trivia question, but lists that might be of interest to trivia fans:

  • Same Person, Most Numbers : Ever wondered which players have donned the most different numbers in Yankee history?  Click the link and find out.
  • Most swapped numbers in one season: Maybe you were wondering which number was issued to the most different players in one season.  Click the link to see which number got around the most in one season.
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