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Here's a list of some recommended Blogs and other websites.  There are a lot to wade through out there, so hopefully this helps you wade through the sea of effluvia.  Oh, and blogs that mention Yankee Numbers and send some traffic my way stand a good chance at getting listed here.

  • Marty Appel - If you don't know Marty Appel, it's time you brush up on your Yankee history my friend.  That's because when it comes to Yankee history, there may be no greater font of knowledge than Mr. Appel.  Anything with his name on it is required reading.  Particularly "Pinstripe Empire" in which a certain website is mentioned in the bibliography.  OK...that aside, it's a great book and a great starting place for those looking to dig deeper into Yankee lore prior to 1996.
  • Bronx Banter - One of the first blogs that linked to this site and paid me a compliment in the process.  I really think it helped put this site on the map in the Yankee community.  But aside from that, Cliff and Alex are great writers and I find myself agreeing with them more often than not.
  • River Ave. Blues (No longer active, but still archived) - One of the more popular blogs and often very insightful depending on the blogger.  Mike, the majority contributor is excellent.  Others...not as much.  However, the commenters and bloggers rely too much on the overused and contrived "WAR" statistic in their arguments for my tastes.  I've personally found it a meaningless "statistic."  Be warned also that some commenters are VERY overly and unnecessarily sensitive to anyone disagreeing with them.  It can be a great and fun place for in-game and topical threads, or annoyingly petty and exasperating, depending on who responds and who's active at that particular time.  For example, in a game that the Yankees are losing 10-0, you might post something generic like, "This is a tough game tonight."  In response, you'll get the wise-acre comments ("Really, I thought they've been playing well), the agreeable comments ("Yeah, we'll get 'em tomorrow) or the most annoying...the you-can-never-speak-ill-of-the-Yankees-ever crowd ("Well, what kind of fan are you?  You're a jerk!  Why don't you just go away Yankee-hater!  We don't need fans like you!)
  • Pride of the Yankees - Another very active Yankee blog, this time on NJ.com.  They mentioned the site one day and sent a TON of visitors my way, which says something about its popularity.  Not to mention that they provide some good analysis.
Disclaimer: This site is in no way affiliated with the New York Yankees or YES Network in any manner. This is strictly and completely a fan created website. NEW