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I didn't come up with all these numbers out of my head.  I had to research several sources (and still have many more to research.) This page gives credit where credit is due.  This website is a consolidated, searchable and organizable source of information that others also tracked down.  For the record, I've also thrown in some book recommendations here too.  They helped form my love of Yankee history and stories.  Without their inspiration, this site wouldn't exist.

"Now Batting, Number..." by Jack Looney - I had already compiled most of the information on this website when I first came across this book.  It probably would have made a lot of my research easier had I discovered it beforehand.  It did help confirm a lot of questions and helped fill in a lot of blanks.  It's not just about Yankee numbers though...it's every teams history of uniform numbers and a whole lot of uniform number info and trivia.  It's a great book.  Get it.  It only takes you through the 2005 season, but for MLB history buffs, it's a must have.



www.baseball-almanac.com - Another solid source of uniform numbers, player info and history.  It's the type of site any baseball fan could probably spend endless hours going through.

www.yankees.com - It's where I try to keep up with the numbers of today.  I got the spring training numbers here for the 2008 season.  It's also the place I first check when a player gets traded or called up.  The numbers sometimes aren't posted before the game is on TV, but sometimes a new addition or call-up doesn't get into that first game.  If that's the case (or if I don't see the game) this is the place to look.

YES Network/My9/FOX Sports - Nothing fancy...just watching the games and seeing those numbers on TV with my own eyes.  No better way to confirm a number.

Yankee Scorecards and Publications - I have a few older scorecards, yearbooks and Yankee magazines.  These are good sources for numbers too...especially with photos.  I don't have enough...but I try to get to see as many as possible.  If you have any and have to ability to scan them, let me know through the contact page and I'll tell you how to send them along.  I can't put the address here or else I'll be bombarded by Spam.

"Dog Days" by Philip Bashe:  This book published in 2000 is a great read and one of the first written about the 1964-1976 Yankees.  I was always fascinated with these teams since I was born in 1972.  I missed out on these days with my earliest Yankee memories coming with the 1977-78 Championship teams.  There was always a certain mystery for me about these teams as my dad would talk about Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford and never really about Horace Clarke (the unfortunate symbol of those teams) and Steve Hamilton.

"Dog Days" examines each year in great detail, exposing the fact that most of those Yankee teams were never really that bad.  They seemed to usually be a player or two away and always a step or two behind the Baltimore Orioles.  Living through an equally long stretch (1982-1994) without a postseason appearance, I could sympathize with fans of that generation, the "wait 'till next year" attitude and best of all, the enormous joy when they finally broke through with initial disappointment (1976 and 1995) and utter exuberance the next season.

I haven't gotten much uniform number information from Bashe's book, but it is a great source for stories behind a forgotten generation of Yankees.

"Now Pitching for the Yankees: Spinning the News for Mickey, Reggie and George" by Marty Appel - Another book where I didn't get much uniform information from, but it's a great, fun read filled with a lot of behind the scenes stories and trivia.  Learn the truth behind the legend of Oscar Gamble's afro.  Why was there once a Danny Cater day?  How did the Yankees tell Bobby Murcer he was traded?  It's all in here and it's a fast, fun read.  The ending gets a little into Appel's days with the team tennis league of the late 70s and the 1996 Olympics, but it's only toward the end (still interesting though) with the bulk of the book covering Appel's days with the Yankees.  Find it, buy it, read it and thank me later.

Disclaimer: This site is in no way affiliated with the New York Yankees or YES Network in any manner. This is strictly and completely a fan created website. NEW