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One of the Yes Network's most aired shows are their Yankee Classics.  Generally, during the regular season on off days and mornings before a game when there was none the day before, you can catch the Yankees Classics.  Then they fill up a lot of the schedule with them during the off-season.  As a Yankee fan, I think it's a great idea, although the ranking of some games as "Classics" can sometimes be questions.

Well, this is an attempt to log as many of the Yankee Classics that have been shown including some commentary and rankings on whether they really are classics or...not so much.

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Regular Season vs. California Angels
Paul O'Neill's 3-Home Run Game
Thursday, August 31, 1995
Final Score: 11-6
Yankee Classic Rating (1 low to 10 high): 1
You may not have caught it, but this game was actually featureed on Yankee Classics. Why? Yes' strategy seems to be to have at least one classic against each team. Why? Well, the morning after a day off, they like to show a classic against the team they're playing later that day. Sometimes it will be the night before the start of a new series.

So, when it came time to find a classic against the Angels (whether it's California, Anaheim or the ridiculous Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim or whatever it's called) it was pretty tough to dig one up at the time this "classic" originally aired.

So, most Yankee fans love Paul O'Neill, and for good reason as he was a great Yankee and a great competitor. Paul O'Neill happens to be a Yes broadcaster as well. And it just so happens that in August 1995, Paul O'Neill went off for three home runs and eight RBI one night against the California Angels.

His homers included a three-run blast in the first off Bryan Anderson, another three-run homer in the second off Anderson and a solo shot off Mike Harkey in the 5th.

That's nice. That's a great moment. Hardly dramatic though as the Yankees, paced by six of O'Neill's eight RBI, had built up a 7-0 lead by the time the 2nd inning was over. The Angels did manage to cut it to 8-4 after the top of the sixth, but the Yankees answered with three in the bottom half of that inning to put it away.

Other than O'Neill's feat, there's nothing much of interest here. Sterling Hitchcock started. I wouldn't want to tune in for that particularly. Wickman, Howe and Wetteland relieved. That's a good pen, but I'm not tuning in to see that. Wade Boggs went 3 for 5 and Mike Stanley went yard, but again...well, you know.

Personally, I'd retire this classic. Since the time this was first designated a Yankees classic, the Yankees have tacked on a few more "classics" against Anaheim, including a thrilling 10-inning affair on May 11, 2004 where Mariano, K-Rod and Troy Percival all blew leads in the last inning and a half of regulation and saw Gary Sheffield drive in the game winner off Ben Weber in the 10th.

Now that was a classic. Remember that game? I'm sure you do. Remember the Paul O'Neill 3-Home Run game? Probably not. And that's the point.
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