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Dwight Gooden's No-Hitter holds a special place in my heart since I was at Yankee Stadium to witness it first hand.  So, I figured I'd come up with a quiz focusing on that game.  Here it is.  It may be a bit esoteric, but also a bit fun. Hover over the "Answer" links to view individual answers in a small pop-up.

  1. In the first inning, what Yankee outfielder made a spectacular running catch of a line drive off the bat of Alex Rodriguez, not only saving a run, but retrospectively, making the play that saved the no-hitter?
  2. What player started at second base for the Yankees and batted 8th.
  3. What player batted ninth for the Yankees, a lineup position he would occupy 89 times in his career, but only once after 1996?
  4. Three Mariners who played in that game would later go on to play for the Yankees.  Who were they?
  5. In the top of the 6th, what Mariner, leading off the inning, reached on the only Yankee error of the game and who made the error?
  6. Which batters drove in the two Yankees runs?
  7. What batter hit into the final out of the game?
  8. Who recorded the putout on the final out of the game?
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