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Guess some of the famous or not so famous Yankees that have donned #27 in pinstripes.Hover over the "Answer" links to view individual answers in a small pop-up.

  1. Who served up Tino Martinez’ Game One Grand Slam in the 1998 World Series?
  2. What four-time all-star and former Met pitcher served up Bernie Williams’ Game One Walk-Off Home Run in the 1996 ALCS?
  3. What three-time all-star delivered Bernie Williams’ Game One Walk-Off Home Run in the 1999 ALCS?
  4. What Yankee pitcher surrendered Edgar Martinez’ Game Five Walk-off Double in the 1995 ALDS?
  5. What pitcher served up Alfonso Soriano’s Game Winning Single in Game 5 of the 2001 World Series?
  6. What future Yankee was the starting pitcher for the Twins in David Wells’ Perfect Game?
  7. What Yankee closed out the game when the Yankees clinched the AL East in 1996 in a 19-2 rout over the Brewers?
  8. What all-star closer surrendered Mel Hall’s Memorial Day Walk-Off Home Run in 1991 over Boston?
  9. What pitcher gave up Reggie Jackson’s 8th inning Home Run in the 1978 One-Game Playoff vs. Boston?
  10. Who surrendered Chris Chambliss’ 9th inning Walk-Off Home Run in the 1976 ALCS?
  11. On October 5, 1985 in Toronto, the Yankees needed a win to stay alive in the AL East pennant race with the Blue Jays. The Yankees lost that Saturday game. What Yankee right-hander, with a 12-5 record going in, started and was tagged with the loss in that game?  Two months later he would be traded with Ron Hassey to the White Sox in return for Britt Burns.
  12. What Chicago reliever was the winning pitcher in Andy Hawkins’ 4-0 No-Hitter loss to the White Sox in 1990?
  13. Who was the Yankees starting pitcher in the game where Roger Maris hit his 61st home run?
  14. What Yankee reliever, who two years earlier took a lot of grief from George Steinbrenner for his poor luck in the 1981 World Series, finished up the completion of the Pine Tar Game against the Royals on August 18, 1983?
  15. Who threw the first ever World Series pitch for the New York Yankees?
  16. In Game Two of the 1996 ALDS, the Yankees won in the 12th inning on a throwing error by Dean Palmer on a sacrifice bunt attempt. What future Yankee pitcher was tagged with the loss in that game?
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