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The New York Yankees were the first team to begin regularly wearing uniform numbers. A tradition dating back to 1929. Other teams before 1929 tried putting numbers on their uniforms, but mostly on an experimental only basis, usually not lasting longer than a season or sometimes even past a few games.  The Yankees were the first to implement uniform numbers and maintain the practice indefinitely.

This website attempts to make it easy to find who wore what numbers in what year since they began wearing numbers in 1929.  It's not 100% complete, so if there's any information you can help with, please feel free to contact me to fill in the blanks.

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Player Number Year Mgr. Coach  
Johnny Sain 11 1951 Stats / Notes / Bio
Johnny Sain 11 1952 Stats / Notes / Bio
Johnny Sain All-Star 11 1953 Stats / Notes / Bio
Johnny Sain 11 1954 Stats / Notes / Bio
Johnny Sain 11 1955 Stats / Notes / Bio
Johnny Sain 31 1961 Coach Stats / Notes / Bio
Johnny Sain 31 1962 Coach Stats / Notes / Bio
Johnny Sain 31 1963 Coach Stats / Notes / Bio
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